Family coaching rooted in the power of communication,accountability, setting and achieving your goals.

Mara Heichman works with families to help them maximize their personal potential and achieve their goals. A Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Mara offers One-on-One, Family, and Small Group coaching to teens, young adults, and parents, addressing issues ranging from peer pressure and career-fulfilment to work/life balance and everything in between. Through her compassionate, motivational, and results-oriented approach, Mara partners with her clients so they can overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and discover their potential.

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Client Stories

  • When people spend time with Mara, they just feel better--about themselves and life too!

  • I felt lighter after only one hour with Mara

  • “It’s one thing to go to a therapist and have them listen to you and it’s another thing to sit with somebody like Mara. Not only did Mara listen to me, but she also had the skills to guide me through what is best for myself. She always had the right questions to lead me to figuring things out on my own. I definitely can say she made an impact on my life.”

  • “People are naturally drawn to Mara because of her empathy and authenticity. I have seen her negotiate conflict and spark personal growth for so many young adults. Her impact on our program will be felt for years.”

  • “I met Mara at IFSA burn camp back in ’95 when I was 15. From the very beginning, Mara was somebody I always enjoyed talking to. She just has that quality in her that makes people love talking to her about anything and everything. And for me the fact that she never talked down to me like a child–she treated me like a peer on an equal level and our friendship has been that way ever since. Mara has a kind aura about her that lets you know she truly cares about you. Even at camp, she has a reputation of being a “mom” and they love her for it. I can go on and on, but knowing Mara as well as I do the friendship we’ve built over the years, and even how much I’ve seen her interact with other people over the years, I know she will make a great life coach.”

  • “I am very fortunate to have had Mara Heichman as a sounding board during some difficult moments in my life. Mara has an amazing way of listening, processing, and offering feedback which is not judgmental or invasive, but allows me to project what my hopes are for sometimes difficult situations with family members. I truly believe that Mara was put on this earth to be a life coach. Her skills are second to none, and I continue to refer her to friends looking for advice, understanding, and someone who can provide clarity in moments of doubt and anxiety.”

  • “Both of our kids used Mara as their Hebrew Tutor and really enjoyed coming as she was very patient with them as they were learning the prayers and their Torah portions. She makes them feel right at home as both kids did not fight us going for their lessons. Both kids were so prepared for their special day. Mara also sat up on the Bima with them and kept them cool and focused and they did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend Mara as a Hebrew Tutor.”

    Donald and Jodi