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Celebrating 50…

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Create Holiday Traditions That Work For You

  With New Year’s Eve remaining, the fall and winter holiday season is coming to a close. How do you feel? If your answer is exhausted and relieved that everything’s almost in the rearview mirror, it may be time to

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3 Reasons to Tell Loved Ones What You Need

  In my last post, I discussed how to avoid the Thanksgiving drama, sharing a personal anecdote about the tension between my mother and me. I cleared the air with her beforehand so that we could have a pleasant holiday

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How to Avoid The Thanksgiving Drama

Ah the holidays. A time for family reunions, breaking bread…and and sometimes drama. There’s often that family member with whom you mix like oil and water. For me, it has often been my mom. We’re very much alike, which explains

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How To Take On An Elephant-Sized Task

When I was in the process of my divorce, I realized that a new life lay ahead of me for which I felt unprepared. Though it was the right decision, I was about to turn over a new leaf, and

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5 Tips on Using Affirmations

I have a confession: I don’t like the word “affirmation.” It sounds hokey, trite, and downright annoying. However, the impact of affirmations is anything but. Affirmations are statements of emotional support and encouragement that help us create the reality we

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Understanding The Fear of Failure & Success

It’s time to talk about fears, and what better time than the weeks leading up to Halloween? To be clear, I’m not referring to scary costumes or horror films. Rather, I’m focusing on the fear of failure and success. As

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Monday is My Shabbat

I’ve posted about routines, and I want to share one that I’ve been practicing for years: making Monday my Shabbat. I’m using the term loosely here in that I don’t go to synagogue on Mondays, but I do make it

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Make Your Focus Your Reality

Oh the brain. That soft, grooved, and spongy organ looks like it belongs nestled in a coral reef rather than in our heads, operating our human minds and bodies. The brain controls a lot–thoughts, feelings, and body mechanics–but it also

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Anchor Yourself to Success

Around New Year’s time, I noticed they were selling bracelets that you could enscript one or two words on. You could literally wear your resolution, but it felt bigger to me and allowed me to set an intention for the

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