You Can't Change What's Going on Around You
Until You Start Changing What's Going on Within You

This Too Shall Pass

This too shall pass…  it goes for the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff. Any one scenario we find ourselves in is just part of our journey.  Have you ever heard the phrase—What we resist, persists?  We may not physically dig our heels in like a donkey that doesn’t want to move, but we resist in our heart and our actions, and sometimes, let’s face it, we dig in our heels too. This resistance breeds such angst inside of us to the point that we are not punishing the thing we think is controlling us, but we are punishing ourselves. 

Think about the history books—there’s post-WW2, post-Vietnam, post-9/11.  One day there will be a post-Covid-19.  But right now we are in it—actually in the throes of the journey. Right now we are living the experience that will someday be characterized as history. Thinking and wishing and hoping for before or after is not going to change exactly where we are. Letting down our resistance, however, sinking into it a little bit, allowing the feelings that come with all of it––can enable us to enjoy the journey that much more. 

I used to get significantly depressed in the winter. It is still not necessarily my favorite season, however, I changed my perspective after reading an article years ago about how in Iceland, where it is dark much of winter—like 20 hours a day of darkness—they view it as a joyous time to hibernate.  This time is cherished as a long rest—their time to decompress and connect with their loved ones and themselves.  I started creating routines around winter that I enjoy—I get out my knitting, my tea, my “happy light”, my crock pot, and my cozy slippers. All of this allows me to sink in and enjoy winter so much more than when I used to dread it and wish for it to be over.

How do you find comfort in trying times? Drop me a line.

Years ago, I had had a series of unfortunate events and my girlfriend bought this card for me. She meant to give it to me when things were quite unsettled, but she forgot. When I asked her about the funny card she wanted to give me, she said that it would definitely be appropriate at some time or another, and she was going to wait to give it to me. Six months later, I got a kidney stone and she gave me this card!  :). 



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