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Letting Go So That You Can Move On

My daughter took dance for years. As a dance mom (I admit it) I shuttled her from competition to competition, watching her perform in an activity she loved. She eventually stopped–though it wasn’t her choice–and when she didn’t make a

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The Incredible Impact of Volunteering

Volunteering every summer at Camp I Am Me is one of the highlights of my year. Camp I Am Me is the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance leadership program for children and teenagers who have experienced injuries from burns. I’ve cherished

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Your Guide to Good Routines

Recently, I had a kidney stone problem. If you’ve had them, you understand the excruciating pain they cause, and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky! I discovered my issue was not drinking enough water. I wasn’t drinking enough water because

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How to Feel Confident With the Decisions You Make

I took a leap last month and secured a new office space. It was a big decision that caused a deluge of many more smaller but significant decisions. For one, I had to decide on location, followed by size, decor,

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Taking a Time Out

Taking a time out. Time our from stressful moments in life. Life doesn’t always allow for the time off we really want to need. We need to relax and disengage so that we can become recharged and fully engaged in

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